Still on AX 2012? We've got the learning tracks for you!

We realize that many in the AXUG community have recently upgraded or implemented AX 2012 R3, so our upcoming Summit North America conference includes dozens of presentations on the challenges and best practices for that version. 

Explore the engaging Dynamics AX 2012 educational tracks that are sure to meet your immediate and long-term educational needs:


AX 2012 Best Practices Track

Quick Tips to Extend the Life of Your Dynamics AX Solution

Is your 2009 or 2012 AX system operating at its best? Join this session to learn tools you can use to periodically inspect your Dynamics system to keep performance running smoothly. Together, we’ll review common issues that may be causing poor system performance; Explore specific settings and how they should be set and; Review tools that can be used to find the right settings and help improve performance.

Presenter: Shirley Adams, Solution Architect


MRP Troubleshooting in AX 2012

There are so many “Gotcha’s” when it comes to Master Planning. A field isn’t filled in, a user sets the coverage group to a short coverage fence, the lead time is in the wrong place… so many things to think about when nurturing your business while using Master Planning. Let’s look at some real life examples and see what we can discover!

Presenter: Genie Engels, Sr. ERP Business Analyst


AX 2012 Reporting and Analytics Best Practices

This is a business-oriented, no non-sense, no hype, foundational knowledge session, geared towards business leaders, business analysts and IT professionals. In this session, we lay out the foundation and discuss how to maximize value from the out-of-box reporting capabilities for Dynamics AX 2012. We will include specific use cases, discuss specific reporting limitations with options for addressing them, and outline 10 key best practices for successfully delivering operational reporting and analytics with Dynamics AX 2012.

Presenter: Gina Pabalan


AOT? What's that? AX Administration for Non-Administrators

Did a developer tell you to look at something in the AOT? What's that? Come for an overview of the AOT for non-administrators and understand what you should (and should not) use it for, as well as tips and tricks to use it more efficiently. Topics include: Understanding code compilation and how to test with or without CIL; Using tables to find data; Searching for things in the code and communicating them back to developers and; Tips & Tricks.

Presenter: James Frank, Technical Project Manager


Dynamic AX 2012 Coding Best Practices, Development Tips and Design Patterns

Dynamics AX 2012 developers should always follow best practices standards and design patterns prescribed by Microsoft. This session covers  coding best practices recommended by Microsoft, design patterns and coding tips.

Presenter: Shankar Iyer, MCP, Dynamics AX Specialist/Administrator


AX 2012 Workflow: You Can Make it Work for You!

Workflow and all the options can be confusing. Do I use a hierarchy or a policy? What is a policy? What if I want to route to someone else? What about when people leave? Attend this session to learn the various options for workflow in AX 2012 and how you can make them work for you.

Presenter: Shirley Adams, Solution Architect


Advanced Finance Topics in AX 2012

Been using Dynamics AX 2012 for a while? We’ll cover options, shortcuts and ways to make life easier with data entry tweaks. We'll also go over  how to get the data you need out of the system.

Presenter: Shirley Adams, Solution Architect


Ask the Experts: Making the Most of AX 2012

Are you on AX 2012 and an upgrade to Dynamics 365 is not anywhere in your near future? Perhaps your upgrade is going to take 12-18 months, and you want to fix some problems that you have now. Join MVPs Kelly Kane and Rachel Profitt in this panel session and be sure to bring all your questions. We will talk about what you need to do to reduce risk if you plan to stay on 2012, and we will have tips for getting more value of the investment you already made in AX 2012. Even if you aren’t planning your upgrade now, you can likely take action on many of these tips right away.

Presenters: MVPs Rachel Profitt and Kelly Kane


LCS Customization Analysis Tool for Dynamics AX 2012

Customization Analysis is an automated tool that validates your model files against Microsoft Dynamics AX best-practice rules for tables, classes, forms and enums. We'll show you how it works in AX 2012, why you should be using it, and what to do with your results.

Presenter: David Boll, Development Team Manager


Using Power Platform Technologies with AX 2012

PowerApps and Flow are great for quickly developing applications that connect to your cloud-based enterprise systems, but what if your enterprise system is on-premise like Dynamics AX 2012? Learn how to take advantage of this feature-rich, low-code/no-code development platform and develop connected applications for your business accessible from a browser or nearly all Android and iOS devices.

Presenter: Ron Larsen

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AX 2012 Planning Track


Tools & Tips on How to Analyze Your AX 2012 User Licenses in Preparation for D365FO

The Security Development Tool (SDT) can identify the license level of privileges, duties, and roles. This session will help you develop a plan to analyze your existing 2012 security model, map it to D365 license types, and see where you can make changes to reduce the license level of your existing roles.

Presenters: Alex Meyer and GG Rowe


AX 2012: BI Planning for an Eventual Move to D365FO

This session is geared towards existing Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012 customers contemplating a future move to D365FO. The changes in data and reporting are significant. For example, the way data is structured and the way its accessed has changed, and reporting platforms have evolved. Further, your business users’ expectations have also changed. Come to this session to learn what you need to know today to help plan and prepare for your eventual move to D365FO. Information from this session will help you reduce the cost and risk of your future upgrade, while maximizing business value from your ERP data.

Presenter: Gina Pabalan


AX 2012: Technical Considerations for an Eventual Upgrade to D365FO

Are you thinking about taking the leap to upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations? There are many considerations during this process, this session will discuss technical aspects your organization will need to consider for Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

Presenter: Meghan McMullen, Trainer


Using Eventing in Dynamics AX 2012 to Simplify Your Transition to Dynamics 365FO

Are you planning a transition to Dynamics 365 F&O? We'll show you how to write code in Dynamics AX 2012 using the eventing methodology which will make your transition to D365FO much easier.

Presenter: David Boll, Development Team Manager


How to gain Business Buy-in for a Move to D365FO

Join us for this session presented by two experts: a technical/infrastructure architect, and an expert project manager (certified PMP). We will walk through how gain organization-wide acceptance (end-user to leadership) and excitement to move to D365FO.

Presenter: Nick Oberhouse, PMP, Senior Manager


The Latest on the State of Migration Tools for AX 2009 and 2012

What's the story with the Dynamics 365 migration tools? Join us for this exploration on the availability and use of migration tools for both AX 2009 and AX 2012. We will cover these areas in-depth: Code upgrade options and tools; Extensions development; Code samples and; Data upgrade options from AX 2009 and AX 2012.

Presenter: Denis Guryev, Software Architect 


Exploring the D365FO Licensing Model Navigating

Microsoft’s licensing model and policies for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations seems daunting! However, when planned and addressed carefully in conjunction with your organization’s security needs, it becomes clearer. Join us for this discussion into how the licensing model for AX 2009 (Concurrent) & AX 2012 (Enterprise, Functional, Task) has changed in Dynamics 365 and what that means for your company.

Presenters: Gregor Newland and Denis Guryev


Clean Your Customization Closet Before Moving to D365FO

This session will review an approach to use for your D365 upgrade project. An upgrade is always a good time to review all customizations to see what you can eliminate either because it has been replaced by standard functionality or isn’t needed!

Presenters: Robin Finnell and GG Rowe


Additional sessions include The Cost of Moving to D365FO: Perform a Cost Analysis First! and How to Justify Savings in IT and Partner Costs to Move to D365FO. 

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Not familiar with User Group Summit North America? Summit is the can’t-miss annual conference for users of the Microsoft Business Applications platform – educational content includes all versions of Dynamics 365 for Unified Operations and Dynamics AX and the Power Platform - Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow. In 2019, Summit is taking place October 15-18 in Orlando, FL. Learn more and register at: